Animal and Human sera are used at the main source for growth factors, hormones and other cells.

ATOCEL offer wide range of different sera which filtered, sterilized filled and kept at the best situation to have excellent quality.

ATOCEL offer  laboratory, Industrial and IVD serum for different applications depend on your demand.

  • FBS Plus+
  • FBS StemSuite
  • FBS MedSuite
  • FBS Standard USA Origin 
  • FBS Standard Australia Origin
  • FBS Standard  South America Origin
  • FBS Standard EU Approved

  • Bovine Serum Albumin
  • Horse serum
  • Sheep Serum
  • Rabbit Serum
  • Goat Serum
  • Mouse Serum
  • Chicken Serum

  • Calf Serum
  • New Born Calf Serum
  • Adult Bovine Serum
  • Human Sera