Bio Chemical Material


Biochemical can refer to any chemical compound which is part of the makeup of living cells, the major biochemical are proteins obtained from materials such as beef pancreas, plant,and fermentation sources and other natural substances.

ATOCEL Biochemical are more important materials which used in cell culture field and packed at special packing environment from 1mg to 25kg to be used in academic and research centers.

All of the ATOCEL cell culture biochemical are high quality cell culture grade that collected and defined according to cell culture needs, the products are traceable with necessary documents in different packages, you will finds whatever you need about your cell culture research or production in our products list with reliable documents and technical information.

You can find our products list at our biochemical catalogs.




all of the atoCEL Biochemical
materials have Materials specificaiotn sheet, Certificate of Analysis
and MSDS, please
send us  your products LOT number to recieve the Certificate
of Analysis .