ATOCEL product lines is include of:


Cell Culture Biochemical for both  academic and industrial applications from mg to 1,000 kg  all steriled, cGMP produced and packed . most important materials manufactured and supplied by ATOCEL have highquality which has been passed different reliable international tests such as: Cell Culture grade, USP, EP, BP.


 Media, Serum and reagent for academic and research,bio-pharmaceutical cell culture, ATOCEL has cGMP requirement passed and carefully quality tested products, we are able to offer customized and special products design for bio-pharmaceutical application as well.


 Cryopreservation equipment is one of the necessary tools in cell culture, IVF, Veterinary, analytical instrument , Industrial and other  labs, ATOCEL are able to design custom made and also standard small, middle and big size nitrogen containers that has been designed and manufactured to have the maximum capacity and lowest liquid nitrogen leakage with complete range of the accessories and ability of equipping with electronic alarm and control system for different applications.